VK5MAV/9 – Cato Reef, OC-265

NEWS UPDATE – Part 1 of the VK5MAV/9 story can be found here FEBRUARY 22 — Permit to stay Cato Reef arrived + expedition website FEBRUARY 8, 2018 — Dates of the expedition have been confirmed today. It will happen from 9th till 18th of April 2018 (of course, if the boat will be OK/no […]
23-Apr-2018, 10:20:44 (https://dx-world.net/vk5mav-9-cato-reef-oc-265/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dvk5mav-9-cato-reef-oc-265)

[UPDATE] XZ2A – Myanmar

NEWS UPDATE – Here’s a photo to show exactly what the generous donations from radio amateurs all over the world have made possible. I’m not spending this money on beer and loose women! The donations to date have allowed me to purchase story-book and English vocabulary picture book sets for 20 orphanages, monastic and ‘needy’ […]
23-Apr-2018, 09:50:02 (https://dx-world.net/xz2a-myanmar/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dxz2a-myanmar)

V47CDC – St Kitts

Alex, W1CDC will be active from St Kitts & Nevis as V47CDC during April 23 to May 5, 2018. QRV on HF. QSL via H/c.
22-Apr-2018, 09:30:49 (https://dx-world.net/v47cdc-st-kitts/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dv47cdc-st-kitts)

TC0AX – Buyukada Island, AS-201

DX-World team members (MM0NDX-IK8LOV-ON9CFG) will undertake their inaugural DXpedition to Buyukada Island, AS-201, Turkey during May 7-11, 2018. Operating as TC0AX (T-COAX 🙂) they will be active on 80-2m (holiday-style). Focus on being happy & enjoying themselves with a view to contacting as many readers & friends of DX-World website as possible. QSL via M0SDV, […]
21-Apr-2018, 06:52:26 (https://dx-world.net/tc0ax-buyukada-island-as-201/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dtc0ax-buyukada-island-as-201)


Bruce, AA4XR (3W3B) will again be active again from Laos as XW4XR between April 23 to May 4, 2018. QRV on 60-10m, CW/RTTY/FT-8. QSL via E21EIC/LoTW.
21-Apr-2018, 00:07:19 (https://dx-world.net/xw4xr-laos/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dxw4xr-laos)

Video – 9M0W, Spratly

International Amateur Radio Team activated 9M0W at Layang Layang Island (Swallow Reef), Spratly Islands, IOTA AS-051 during 8-13 March 2018.
20-Apr-2018, 21:09:08 (https://dx-world.net/video-9m0w-spratly/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dvideo-9m0w-spratly)

[UPDATE] 3B7A – St Brandon DXpedition

APRIL 20 – POSTSCRIPT — I’m writing these words now the entire team is safe back in Mauritius. Of course our very first priority has been to give news to our family after 2 weeks without any exchange. The team is quite tired after such an intense adventure, but we are very satisfied. After months […]
20-Apr-2018, 20:10:40 (https://dx-world.net/3b7a-st-brandon-dxpedition/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3D3b7a-st-brandon-dxpedition)

XU7AKL – Cambodia

UPDATE – XU7AKL will again be active during April 21-22, 2018. MARCH 14, 2018 — BG4HRM will be active from Phnom Penh, Cambodia as XU7AKL between March 21-28, 2018. QRV on HF; participation in the CQ WPX SSB contest. QSL via H/c, LoTW.[/caption]
20-Apr-2018, 19:15:02 (https://dx-world.net/xu7akl-cambodia/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dxu7akl-cambodia)

5U7R – Niger

During his spare-time look for Torbjon, SM7RME to be active from Niamey, Niger as 5U7R. QRV on HF bands. QSL via SM7EHU.
20-Apr-2018, 14:46:49 (https://dx-world.net/5u7r-niger/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3D5u7r-niger)

The K7RA Solar Update

At 0631 UTC on April 20 the Australian Space Forecast Centre issued a Geomagnetic Disturbance Warning.

“Earth is currently under the influence of a high-speed stream from a negative polarity equatorial coronal hole. Geomagnetic activity at Quiet to Active levels is expected and at times may reach up to Minor Storm levels if there are notable southward Bz periods.


20-Apr-2018, 14:26:00 (www.arrl.org)