A35JP/P – Niuafo’ou Isl, OC-123

NEWS UPDATE by JA0RQV – I am writing this in Nuku’alofa Tonga (OC-049). It is so sad to announce that my trip to OC-123 (Niuafo’ou Island) from 1st October 2016 had to be postponed to next year. This is all caused by very simple miss-operation of aircraft and pilot in Tongan domestic airline [REAL TONGA]. They suddenly and […]
01-Oct-2016, 01:17:18 (dx-world.net)

Hurricane Watch Net May Activate for Hurricane Matthew on October 1

The Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) has announced “tentative plans” to activate for Hurricane Matthew on Saturday, October 1, 2016, at 2100 UTC on its primary frequency of 14.325 MHz. Once it activates, the net will remain in continuous operation until further notice.

“We plan to operate 14.325 MHz by day and 7.268 MHz by night,” HWN Manager Bobby Graves, KB5HAV, said. “If propagation dictates, we wil...

30-Sep-2016, 23:43:00 (www.arrl.org)

The K7RA Solar Update

Australia’s Space Weather Services issued a geomagnetic warning at 0022 UTC on September 29.

“The geomagnetic conditions are expected to vary between active levels to major storms for the next three days. This is because the solar winds are expected to be in excess of 600 km/s associated with a very large positive polarity coronal hole. The storm intensities are expected to be slightly stronger ...

30-Sep-2016, 19:13:00 (www.arrl.org)

DXCC Card checking at Convention

ARRL DXCC card checking will be available to visitors at the RSGB Convention again this year. Please take your cards to the ARRL stand on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning and be prepared to leave them until the volunteers are available.
30-Sep-2016, 15:05:59 (rsgb.org)

Changes to the RSGB website

In response to feedback about the RSGB website, we’re trialling the first phase of a new navigation layout. Take a look, use it over the next few months and let us know if you like it—you can share your thoughts via web.feedback@rsgb.org.uk. For example, is information easier to find, do the new groupings work well? […]
30-Sep-2016, 15:04:21 (rsgb.org)

Testing new equipment for ISS

The International Space Station is in the final stages of getting an upgrade. While new equipment has been graciously donated, significant funding has been needed for testing, certification and delivery of the equipment to make sure it meets NASA standards. Contact between schools and the space station have inspired young people to study science and […]
30-Sep-2016, 14:59:24 (rsgb.org)

Is your GB2RS NoV in date?

Something for all those RSGB Members who read the news, either regularly or just occasionally. Can you please check that your newsreader NoV is current? If you need to renew, go to the online GB2RS application form on the RSGB website.
30-Sep-2016, 14:56:38 (rsgb.org)

Two new Convention videos on website

Two videos from the 2015 RSGB Convention have gone into the Members section of the RSGB website. The talk by John Regnault, G4SWX Regular 3,000+km Contacts on 144MHz by Meteor Scatter and Tropo is now available Also available is Clean Up Your Shack by Ian White, GM3SEK where he talks about reducing your noise levels […]
30-Sep-2016, 14:49:31 (rsgb.org)

PJ4B – Bonaire

Peter, PA8A will be active holiday-style again as PJ4B from January 8-25, 2017. Using 100W into an end-fed antenna from 7 to 28 MHz. QSL DIRECT ONLY 2$+SAE. NO IRC’s (not valid in PA). Note: PA8A is using this call from 2010 and onward. There are no logs available from 2009 or earlier.
30-Sep-2016, 13:06:01 (dx-world.net)

TX8JOTA – New Caledonia

Sam, FK8DD will be using the special event callsign TX8JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) during October 14-16, 2016. QRV om HF bands. QSL via FK buro, eQSL.
30-Sep-2016, 07:59:58 (dx-world.net)