V34AO – Belize

Robert, DL7VOA will be active from Hopkins, Belize as V34AO between November 18-30, 2017. QRV on 160-10m with participation in th CQ WW DX CW Contest. QSL via H/c.
27-Jul-2017, 15:19:41 (https://dx-world.net/v34ao-belize/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dv34ao-belize)

The Doctor Will See You Now!

“Power Supplies” is the topic of the current (July 20) episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast. Listen...and learn!

Sponsored by DX Engineering, “ARRL The Doctor is In” is an informative discussion of all things technical. Listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone -- whenever and wherever you like!

Every 2 weeks, your host, QST Editor-in-Chief Steve Ford, WB8IMY, and the Doctor himsel...

27-Jul-2017, 14:00:00 (www.arrl.org)

Islands on the Air (IOTA) Officially Launching New Website in September

The new Islands on the Air (IOTA) program website is targeted to launch officially in early September, when the current Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)-sponsored website will be taken offline. The new website is undergoing fine-tuning, according to IOTA IT Manager Johan Willemsen, PA3EXX.

“When we are ready the old URL will be forwarded to the new URL, and IOTA users can login on the new ...

27-Jul-2017, 13:08:00 (www.arrl.org)

International Amateur Radio

RSGB volunteers contribute to the development of international amateur radio within Region 1 of the International Amateur Radio Union. Some volunteers also work directly with the IARU. This vital work goes on largely unseen but is essential in ensuring the amateur radio voice is heard, especially in Regional telecommunication organisations, the International Telecommunications Union and […]
27-Jul-2017, 12:46:11 (rsgb.org)

VK9XI & VK9CI – Christmas Island & Cocos Keeling Island

NEWS UPDATE – DXpedition website now available. FEBRUARY 21, 2017 – Team complete: Tony VK3TZ, Luke VK3HJ, Chris VK3FY, Peter VK3FN, David K3LP and Lee VK3GK. Flights and accommodation have been booked for both Christmas and Cocos. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 — VK3FY (Chris), VK3GK (Lee), VK3TZ (Tony) plus others TBA will be activating both Christmas […]
27-Jul-2017, 03:54:24 (https://dx-world.net/vk9xi-vk9ci-christmas-island-cocos-keeling-island/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dvk9xi-vk9ci-christmas-island-cocos-keeling-island)

RI0C – Iony Island, AS-069

NEWS UPDATE @ 0530Z – According to information received from Anastasia (wife of Vasily R7AL), part of the team on the island remains without food and warm clothes. Drinking water is very little. Because of the big waves, to transfer water, food, warm clothes to the island cannot happen. It was decided to work on […]
27-Jul-2017, 01:43:14 (https://dx-world.net/ri0c-iony-island-as-069/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dri0c-iony-island-as-069)

Ham’s Project Amelia Earhart Flight Nears End

The Amelia Earhart commemorative round-the-world flight by pilot Brian Lloyd, WB6RQN, has begun heading over the Pacific Ocean, landing first on July 23 at Pago Pago in American Samoa, and then in Hawaii via a symbolic flyover of Howland Island. Lloyd has contacted hundreds of other radio amateurs from Spirit, his Mooney M20K 231, with expanded fuel capacity and modern avionics gear. Lloyd’s “P...

26-Jul-2017, 19:18:00 (www.arrl.org)

ARRL Contest Rule Changes, Clarifications Reflect “Best Practices” in Radiosport

Just ahead of the 2017-2018 contest season, ARRL has announced rule changes and clarifications to League-sponsored contests. These include an improved process for submitting logs and reporting scores. Unless otherwise noted, these changes become effective starting with the September VHF Contest.


“These changes reflect current ‘best practices’ in the contest community and help us improve the qu...

26-Jul-2017, 19:13:00 (www.arrl.org)

The FREE DX-World Weekly Bulletin #208

After a 2 week break (Bjorn ON9CFG was on his Summer vacation), the ever popular FREE DX-World Weekly Bulletin returns this week. As usual it’s a bumper edition. Download here.
26-Jul-2017, 16:37:57 (https://dx-world.net/the-free-dx-world-weekly-bulletin-208/?utm_source%3Drss%26utm_medium%3Drss%26utm_campaign%3Dthe-free-dx-world-weekly-bulletin-208)

New 222 MHz and Up Contest Debuts August 5-6 Weekend

ARRL’s new 222 MHz and Up Distance Contest will debut on August 5 at 1800 UTC and continue until the next day. This 24-hour contest offers a wide range of entry categories, from FM, CW, and SSB to digital modes.

The object is to work as many stations as possible on the 222 MHz through 241 GHz bands, using any allowable mode. A station in a specific grid locator may be contacted from the same loc...

26-Jul-2017, 16:23:00 (www.arrl.org)